Using In-Design’s Find Font feature to help clean up a document.

I’m usually a persnickity and organized designer when I’m working in the software environment.  I plan and set up a multitude of things before I even get started with a layout or grid or illustration. Everything will have its own logical layers, groups and styles. I wasn’t always this way, but I reached a point where I realized my poor organizational skills were slowing down my productivity. As with most projects you’ll find having the patience and discipline to set up a good game plan and being organized will almost always save you time during the project.

A well organized graphic file by the way is a lifesaver whenever you need to revisit the file months or even a year or two down the road!!

Of course I’m far from a machine, and pre-press time is akin to the pearly gates interview. All sins will be revealed! Well if not now than embarrassingly so when the file bounces back from the printer.

For whatever reason, specifically with long documents and publications, I find a few stray type- faces somehow work their way into my documents.

One of my very preliminary file preparation techniques in In-Design is to use the handy dandy Find Font panel to weed out any interloping type that may have found their way into my document

Find it in the top ribbon menu items (with your document open and active):

>Type > Find Font

You’ll be presented with a window like this:

Find Font - Adobe In Design

Displayed is a list of fonts used in the document. Be sure to click the “More Info” button to show you the good stuff.

Highlight each individual font family and look at the “Character Count”. This will display the number of characters of this font in your document. Keep an eye out for really low character counts, there is a chance these may have been thrown in the mix accidentally and could be swapped out by one of your other more heavily used document fonts. Simply click “Find First”  and subsequently “ Find Next” ,  In Design will take you right to the offenders in the document allowing you to swap them out need be.

Chris Sagert

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