Leading Graphic Design City : Hello Minneapolis?

Alright, I’m Canadian and I already know Toronto is essentially our country’s hotbed city for Graphic Design employment. Truth be told , I’ve always had dreams of working in the U.S as a graphic designer in a larger market. San Francisco & Chicago top the list for me, Seattle if I’m lazy and Portland if I’m delusional. Austin’s way too hot for my Yukon born blood.

My daydreams aside, we all assume the usual suspect cities as hotbeds for  graphic design jobs in the U.S, quantity and quality. Namely; New York, L.A., San Francisco & Chicago. Imagine my surprise to see The Atlanic’s article stating the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul tops the list of regular employed designers. Have a look:

Americas Leading Design Cities |City Lab, from The Atlantic

I was skeptical as the author, Richard Florida, used market data from a SINGLE resource which of course throws up a number of flags for me  (would it hurt to have a glance at the freely available government data as well?) Richard cites the Minneapolis phenomenon as “perhaps driven by its long-standing strength as a center for marketing and advertising”. The article offers no supporting documentation to back this statement up. I did find this article : Minneapolis: The Midwestern City That’s a Marketing Overachiever that appears to support his claims.

Photo courtesy Creative Commons.org | “Minneapolis, MN” | Ron Reiring| Changes: Crop, Filter, Graphics & Type

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