Two quick tips: Adobe Illustrator layer “shortcuts”

Software, specifically software as robust as Adobe’s,  always has a couple of ways to perform the same operation (some quicker than others). There is a plethora of little tricks and shortcuts that just are not common knowledge or for whatever reason you never picked up on.

Case in point, I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis for about a decade and was quite confident I knew most of the little tricks and shortcuts Illy had to offer. That was until the other day, I was watching another designer working in the layers palette and he proceeded to use two quick tricks that made my eyes become wide and say “How did you just do that?” Here’s what I had been missing out on all this time:

Quickly toggle the visibility or locking of layers in one magical wave of the mouse:

No need to individually toggle or submenu > Hide Others /Unlock All Others and vice-versa.  Instead, hold down mouse left and simply drag it vertically up  down the visibility or lock icon column!


Presto Change-O’ !

Move only the currently selected objects on one layer to another:

Most of us are aware of the “meatball” (select all items on this layer icon) and the “selected art”  icon in the layer palette (this also needs a good nickname…brownie?) next to the meatball.
Did you know you can :

1)  select just a few objects on a given layer

2)  left click and drag the little coloured square next to the meatball onto another label. Those objects will move to that layer in the same position!  It’s essentially Copy/Cut/ Paste in place into another layer all in one motion.

! Illustrator-Layers-Panel

-Chris Sagert

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