The Case Of The Disappearing Layers: Adobe Illustrator

I encountered a frustrating issue with Adobe Illustrator this week that turned out to be all my own doing.

I opened an Illustrator file only to find that the layers panel had no titles. The number of layers were all there, however, there were no titles and I was unable to select any layer features or see artwork from any of those layers.

I thought it was a corrupted file so I opened another and another…same issue.
Created a new document added layers..”Dammit”…identical issue.

At this point I’m becoming a bit nervous, deadline, lamenting having to re-install Illustrator. Fortunately I did some research and eventually found my issue. The night before I had been doing some tidying up with my fonts and had inadvertently deactivated Verdana.

Adobe uses Verdana and Tahoma as core display fonts, the removal or corruption of these will cause you some issues. The odd part was at no time did Illustrator warn me the fonts were missing. One would think this would be standard as the software loads and collects it’s necessary assets.

Once I restored Verdana everything was back on track!

-Chris Sagert



Photo courtesy Creative | “Apple Stack CAke” || Changes: Graphic Overlay

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