The case of the “Apple Bite” & a lost typeface

Well this was a really neat factoid that surfaced this week!

Gizmodo , Fonts In Use and Brand New were all talking about the font Tektura. A popular font in the 1980’s, designed by Motter Tektura, famously used for Reebok, Trapper Keeper and Apple identities.

Despite the “oh yeah!” and the *recoil*, this is what delighted me the most:

“Tektura actually played a major role in the evolution of Apple’s identity. And when the company adopted it as its logo type, the bite mark was rounded out to fit Tektura’s curved “A” letterform, and it stayed that way long after Tektura was retired”

I just think it’s really cool, whenever I see that Apple logo now, even in it’s purest  graphical form; I know the constraints of that bite were shaped by a typeface no longer utilized.

Oh yes, by “lost typeface” I am referring to the fact that there are currently no licensed, digital versions of Tektura.



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