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This project required a technical illustration. Albeit not my usual style, anyone with drawing skills, patience, time, attention to detail and high standards can produce a basic technical illustration. I say basic because advanced technical illustrations such as medical illustrations, mechanical illustrations and any subject matter that involves ghosted or dismantled parts is an art form that takes years to perfect a solid visual representation style.
The project required a replica design of legendary team BMW driver Alberto “Johnny” Cecotto’s circa 1986 BMW E30. I was required to work from reference photos, the car needed to be exact side profile and static. This proved challenging as the reference photos were all of the vehicle ¾ profile and in motion. The design was intended to be screen printed on t-shirts, marketed to racing enthusiasts. It was imperative that the three BMW colors were present + black. It was decided that an additional color – gold/yellow would be added for the rims and the logo on the door.
The progress of the project required some patience. I would complete the final design, quite confident that I had nailed the car to a tee. An hour later I would get an email saying something such as “It’s close but the bumper is not quite right” or “ hmmm what’s with the angle on the trunk? Seems weird” . This happened multiple times.

At first I found the attention to detail of the client somewhat annoying and borderline obsessive. However, knowing how intimately the client knew the lines and tolerances of the vehicle; when I presented him with the latest greatest final; and he stated “Whoa! (dramatic pause) It’s absolutely *expletive*’n perfect!”. Well, you just cannot put a price on that kind of approval and I learned a great lesson in the process.

The client knows their product and or message much more intimately than an illustrator ever could and often it is their passion that must be captured in the illustration. This also pushes the illustrator to create a superior end product.

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