Side Projects

All identity work and no play makes for a dull career. I enjoy exploring other design avenues, illustration and art in my spare time. Here are a few of my side projects.


Bar Character Illustration

  This is an illustration I created that I ended up using on my last illustrator website header. I tried to roll in all the essential elements and varied character one may find at a bar; the sobriety challenged bar flies, the cougars on the prowl, the pale, swarthy gigolo pick up artist that may…


Technical Illustration – Vehicle

    This project required a technical illustration. Albeit not my usual style, anyone with drawing skills, patience, time, attention to detail and high standards can produce a basic technical illustration. I say basic because advanced technical illustrations such as medical illustrations, mechanical illustrations and any subject matter that involves ghosted or dismantled parts is…


Live Venue – Illustration

I was commissioned by a local designer to create a promotional illustration for a live venue called the Purple Crab in Vancouver Canada. He asked me specifically for an illustration of sea creatures playing instruments. This kind of project was right down my ally and I really enjoyed creating it. There was a few additional…


Editorial Illustration

One of the great perks about being an illustrator is if you have the where-with-all to write an article; you can illustrate your own article free of charge, work + work! This illustration is for an article I wrote on security awareness in the workplace. The fact I am an authority on security is a…

Gardner- Chris Sagert

Gardener – Illustration

Yet another one of the illustrations I created with the purpose of selling it to stock company. (See previous post). I assumed that it would be generic enough to appeal to any number of home and/or garden magazines out there. I normally despise using gradation, to me it seems to lend a certain “I did…


Dog Walkin’ Illustration

This illustration is very dear to me for two reasons: 1. It was one of my first digital illustrations and 2. It was one of the first illustrations I created with a limited color palette This was one of the illustrations I created with the purpose of selling it to stock company. Fortunately before I…

Blue Thumb Idetity - Chris Sagert

Blue Thumb Records

When it was announced that the Blue Thumb label would be resurrected from the dead there was a contest for a new identity. Regardless of how much I admired the simplistic “blue thumbprint” approach, this was my submission.

Beaver Illustration - Chris Sagert

“The Beav” Illustration

Oh “The Beav” ….this is a self-promotional illustration I did wayyyy back in the day. I think about dropping him from the portfolio every time I have new work…I just can’t bring myself to do it. He’s become my unofficial mascot.