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Primary Designer

Project Summary:

I was approached to create an identity for a Web Service Company with a focus on Vancouver.

During the discovery process the client brought some preliminary research forward and was adamant the identity:

  • needed to be a wordmark of the entire address of site
  • an online map waypoint symbol worked into the design

I used the bottom structure of the map marker to represent the V in Vancouver. The concept symbolically represents the marker completing the word Vancouver; filling in the missing piece to the puzzle much the way a successful web search would.

I  instituted blue for the word Vancouver to:

  • Tie it to the marker to help solidify the concept for the viewer
  • Break up the long URL, creating some contrast
  • Highlight the fact the service is for Vancouver
  • Blue is not only a good representation for a coastal city, the colour is widely known as psychologically representing steadfastness, dependability and wisdom (this is why so many banks utilize the color blue)

The client liked the concept but was not completely satisfied with any of my typography choices. Turns out the principal stakeholder was really into typography. As a rabid typography nut myself, I could completely empathize having some strong opinions about letterforms.

We got together and tested out a multitude of different faces trying to zero on something that fit both the brief and the client’s taste. I ultimately came to the conclusion and pitched that a custom typeface for the purposes of the wordmark would be the answer.