Visual Identity – Operator Ready


Operator Ready


Trades, Construction, Staffing




Creative Director, Primary Designer

Project Summary:

New company that provides temporary staffing of heavy machinery operators for construction projects. Client discovery process and interviews with stakeholders resulted in the following directives:

“Dependability, Reliability and Competence”

“…a logo easily identified by those in the construction industry”

“Simple Logos that are quickly and easily identify the service provided”

“…believe a logo should be easily comprehended by the potential customer. You should not have to study it to try and determine it’s purpose. [In this case] if someone not in the construction industry doesn’t get the picture, [we’re not concerned] but those in it [the industry] should easily connect with the logo”

The challenge here was the ability to visually portray an “operator” that could be identified quickly and easily. Unfortunately, an operator has no specific symbolic point of reference. After much concept work it was decided for the sake of message clarity it would be best to focus on a design that integrated machinery operated.

Factoring the industry, demographic (construction foremen ages 35-50) and desired message of dependability, reliability and competence. This design called for large solid shapes, consistency of line and the inclusion of an industry related visual. The design should lean towards a minimalist, simple approach.


The visual solution that followed is easily identifiable even at a distance. Inspired by the clean minimalist designs of the pre 80’s era this is a design that resists the risk of looking dated in two to five years, opposed to using a “trendy” visual style.


The excavator shape is a good use of negative space within the design. As the target market is already aware of what an excavator looks like the chance of confusion is slight. The outreaching arm and bucket not only acts as the counter for the “R”, it ties the two letters together into one solid design and creates a fluidity of action, “ready to work”.