Visual Identity – Ilixir Fashion


Ilixir Fashion


Fashion Accessories, Jewelry Design




Creative Director, Primary Designer

Project Summary:

An upstart fashion accessory design company looking for a visual voice. Some highlights provided by the client during the discovery process were:

  • Visual representation of mixed disciplines, multiple products
  • Leaning towards minimalistic
  • Clean visuals (whitespace is important)
  • Company is renowned for their necklaces

So many jewelry and accessory related companies are currently leaning heavily on the “artisanal, loose line drawing” types of visuals for their identity. The brief called for a more modern, cleaner, visual that voiced more “professional” than “funky” or “kitschy”, helping to differentiate themselves in the market.

The “fashion” component of the identity was left somewhat separate from the logo itself. This would lend to scalability in the future if and when the company branched out into additional or segregated product lines.