Visual Rebrand + Identity System


Blackline Enterprises


Trades, Renovation Home Services




Identity Designer

Project Summary:

A custom furniture company initially came to me looking for a new identity. During the discovery process with the client it was discovered they were looking to expand, quite soon, to provide a range of custom home renovation services. It was expressed that they wanted their target market to remain local.

To differentiate themselves from the myriad of competition in the area that communicate a “we do everything” message, which can often be perceived as desperation and lack of professional integrity. I pitched the concept of an identity system that would allow them to currently operate under an umbrella identity and as they expanded, roll out targeted collateral that assured the customer that this arm of the organization was an expert in an individual trade.

Fortunately the services offered had a great deal of crossover, specifically to clients looking for large scale home renovations. The identity system was cohesive enough that if a past client needed one of the other services, the company could continue to leverage the visual brand equity established earlier.