Resist change long enough…on trend!

The other day, I visited the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria B.C. I was walking through the Natural History Gallery which retains original display design from, my best guess, roughly the late 70s.

I encountered these information display pieces and thought to myself “Oh, how nice!” Serif fonts (I have yet to take the time to identify, sorry) screen printed onto unbleached canvas. They were tastefully laid out, slab serif headlines and included wonderful classic specimen illustrations. (Apologies for the picture quality, also note the spelling of Fjords!)

IMAG0338IMAG0339 (1)

It struck me, if I had been walking through this exhibit say five or six years earlier, I probably would not have been quite as receptive. The difference being the aesthetic from this era has come back in a big way the last two years. I dislike the term “trend” as it sounds shallow. Essentially though it’s a combination of design elements that were popular with designers of the time period…which yes, could be called a trend…

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