Font Of The Moment: Typometry [free!]

First and foremost, I want to apologize for skipping the last two months. I have no solid excuse other than summer malaise, which I lovingly refer to as Summer Affective Disorder. Also a few odd projects including the new website design! Regardless, I carry guilt, so take some solace in that or just tweet my lazy ass with some expletives.

Perhaps the summer heat has twisted my conservative type taste a bit. This month’s selection is a departure from my usual taste in the fonts I recommend. I usually stay away from the non-traditional decorative or display fonts, however, this geometric uppercase font with a tip of the hat to art deco intrigues me so much, I just have to share.


A wonderful fact about this font, the designer is a student, he created Typometry for a school project! Designed by Emil Kazole from Ljubljana Slovenia, he has made the font freely available for download.


I like the fact these characters rely heavily on large geometric shapes as their backbone and yet retain their legibility. Emil didn’t go crazy and kept the shapes restrained to the appropriate portions of the character.


  • Those large open shapes within the character can be easily filled with colours, patterns and masked images. Naturally, these applications change the look and feel of the font making it extremely versatile.
  • The “U” and the “J” , beautiful and elegant
  • The consistency of the single “bar” shape (really not sure what to call this) within the character in most cases

On the Fence:

  • I wasn’t sure about the “P” & “R” with strokes passing through the “bar shape”, I had a look at them without and he made the right call as far as legibility of the characters.
  • Inconsistencies on the bevel of some of the shapes that form the backbone of the characters, however, it seems there may be some manner of geometric composition behind his decision.

Detractors (although this pains me to be at all negative about this endeavour)

  • The “Q” is crazy, the single small circle as the tail  is a bit weird
  • A few of the characters on their own outside the family would be unrecognizable: L, G, Q and as with most faces the “I”.

Overall, Typomertry is a fantastic, unique and sophisticated typeface. I am extremely impressed this is student work. That being said, is not this the way it should be? Students blurring the rules, inadvertently taking risks and creating refreshing work?

You can download the original font for free here

*Now a pro version with two weights, four styles and more than 220 glyphs. Available in .ttf and .otf format available here for $10 if you have the coin

Thanks Emil! I’m really looking forward to your future work

-Chris Sagert

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July 7, 2013 at 7:33 am

comment puis je avoir cette police gratuitement

Chris Sagertreply
September 17, 2013 at 2:20 pm
– In reply to: Bordi

Hi Bordi,
You can still download the original font set here:
*Note that Amil has now developed a Typometry Pro with 2 weights, 4 styles and more than 220 glyphs in available in .ttf and .otf format.
-Cheers Chris

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