Font Of The Moment: Quattrocento Roman

My Font Affair Of The Month is with Quattrocento Roman

Quelle Surprise! I am choosing a serif font for once! (It’s apparent I have a strong preference for san-serif faces.)

Designed by typographic impresario Pablo Impallari, Quattrocento Roman is an excellent serif face available free or by donation. This is an incredibly fluid, elegant and cohesive serif face I am quite fond of.

Instead of posting my pros, on the fence and the detractors I usually write, I’m going to just sit back, the publishers made a good case for the font.Here’s what they have to say (could use some editing though):

Their wide and open letterforms, and great x-height, make it very legible for body text at small sizes.And their tiny details that only shows up at bigger sizes make it also great for display use.”

Some distinctive characteristics of the font are:


  • Low Contrast. The thins are just a tad thinner than the thicks, almost monotone.
  • Cupped, tapered serifs that flows naturally into the stems.
  • Distinctive K, R and & tail.
  • Cupped B, D, E, F, P, R, T, Z.
  • The Q is a humble expression of admiration and gratitude for Doyald Young.
  • Alternate M, Two W alternates.
  • Narrow L and T for better fit.
  • Almost flat top serif on the lowercases.
  • Shoulders of the m and n rise above the serif.
  • Serif-less bottom j and y.

Yup, I agree for the most part, sums it up nicely.

You can grab the font here free or by donation. Also available on Google Webfonts for web use!

-Chris Sagert

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