Font affair of the month – Ostrich Sans Regular

My font affair of the month is with Ostrich Sans Regular (medium), and to a slightly lesser extent Ostrich Sans Black.

This tall, lanky, headline appropriate, true type font comes our way courtesy of designer Tyler Finck . We all must have done something right in a past life as Tyler has offered the Ostrich typefaces completely free. The font is very uniform, exclusive to caps. The entire family is essentially condensed, characterized by a rigid left stroke as the backbone and practically mathematical corner tolerances on the bowls and arcs. Considering how condensed the face is, it is executed with great elegance.

The numbers in the face are a big draw for me as well, nice, with the exception of an out-of-place “7”. Although seven in general provides no room to budge, very few ways to improve and still retain the symbol’s integrity. Some of the characters under individual scrutiny may seem a bit odd but they all remain true to the platoon.

Also available in the family is:

Dashed (thin)
Rounded (medium)
Ultra light
Bold (race track style double lines)

Available as well is a full compliment of ready to roll web-fonts

You can download everything here

-Chris Sagert

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