Font affair of the month – Horatio Medium

My Font Affair of the Month, is with Horatio Medium:

Horatio Medium - Chris Sagert

Designed by the legendary Letraset in 1971, distributed via the foundry Linotype. Horatio is a geometric sans-serif with some fascinating soft curves and surprises. One of the big reasons I am drawn to the typeface is I am a huge fan Bauhaus, however, find it difficult to work into projects. Either it doesn’t suit the subject or the client has not responded favorably to Bauhaus. I see Horatio as a “detente font”, common ground, it has just enough Bauhaus-ness to satisfy me, yet more conservative and stands a better chance of passing client approval.

Horatio truly shines in the lowercase characters. Geometric yet warm bowls/counters (ha, I just read that on review and thought I accidentally typed warm bowels ).The lower case “r” is as minimalist as a letter form can be. The descender on the lower case “g” does seem a little too tight though and could use some extra leash. I could forsee myself also manually rotating the lowercase “e” a few degrees counter-clockwise. There is also some weirdness among the upper cases as well. Case in point, the leg on the “R” is also a little too close for comfort, crazy square form out of nowhere. It would bode well when things get tight with letterspacing but is not consistent with the footprint of the other uppercase characters. Have you ever seen a friendlier uppercase “D”?

Enough of my kvetching, this face is an excellent example of a modern font that also provides you a little bit of cozy. Appropriate for heads, subheads, callouts and parcels of text

Horatio is available here

For the modest price of  $32.00 CAN

-Chris Sagert

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