Font Of The Moment: Centrale Sans

My font affair of the month is with the Centrale Sans family, specifically the medium weight.  Designed by Bulgarian studio Typedepot, Centrale is a flexible, modern san-serif face. When using the regular or heavier faces, Centrale becomes versatile in a fascinating way; the uppercase characters are all very geometric and rigid however the lower case characters exhibit variety in stroke stresses that imparts a certain warmth. A line of type in all upper case has a clean clinical message, that same line of type all lower case, same face, gives you a completely different feel, pretty cool huh?

Some character highlights for me are:

  • A classical lower case `g` with surprising placement of the descender bobbing it’s head above the baseline
  • Bowls on the lower case characters have ideal stresses that tighten just as they connect with the character stem. This leaves a really fantastic thickness hanging out, despite the dramatic shift in thickness, this balances the character well.
  • I like the spurs on the “j” and “i” as they add some attitude to an otherwise pedestrian character but could do without the baseline spur on the lowercase  “a”

My only minor kvetch is with the ascender on lowercase “f” that reaches too high and the crossbar follows suit.

If you check out the italics things get really funky and fun with some lasso style bowls and surprise tails!

Overall just a great font, its versatility is a steal for the price. Well worth adding to your font armament.

Each Open Type face with accompanying webfonts can be had for $29 or the entire family $250 available here.

-Chris Sagert

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