Font Of The Moment: Brandon Grotesque

My font of the moment, my favourite so far this year, is with the san-serif, humanist font, Brandon Grotesque.

Designed by Hannes von Döhren and published by Berlin’s HvD Fonts. I’m hook, line and descender for this typeface (yeah, groannn!)

It should come as no surprise I adore this font when you correlate the fact I love the work of Eric Gill. This typeface cannot hide from the fact it is inspired by Gill’s typefaces of the late 20’s. Brandon Grotesque however, adds a more rounded finish on the strokes, most notable on the medium weight and heavier. This results in a typeface just a touch warmer than say Gill Sans.




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  • How clean, beautiful and cohesive this typeface is. It really shines in the weights regular and heavier.
  • The lowercase “q” and “p” have wonderful little terminals peeking up above the bowl and look at those leggy descenders! *lowww whistle*

  •  The vertex on the uppercase “M” is intriguing, it flirts delicately with baseline,  just enough the baseline would take notice and tell it to back off!



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On the Fence:

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  • The uppercase “Q” has quite a dramatic tail that does not enter the counter. Conjures, for me, the image of a magnifying glass or a monocle.

  • The lower case g is opulent and tries too hard to steal the show when compared to it’s peers. It’s quite nice though. Note that if you use italic the “g” drops the loop for a descender and hook.


  • A surprise in the italics, the descender on the lower case “f” really goes on a diving trip.



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  • Absolutely nothing! I’ve studied the entire character map. I do not state this very often folks,  I have found no component of this typeface I do not like or wish was a little different.[/bra_list]

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Yes, Brandon Grotesque is not the cheapest homage to the san-serif humanist font’s of the late 20’s, but is by no means a blatant rip-off of those existing aesthetic darlings. A good choice if you were initially looking for a geometric sans, but then decide you need a little more warmth and character.

Anyone utilizing Brandon under the right circumstances should feel very confident they are making use of a great typeface with an excellent lineage.

Brandon Grotesque is available here for $40 per weight or the whole lot for $249.

-Chris Sagert

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