A little bit about Chris Sagert, Graphic Designer

Chris Sagert is a Vancouver based graphic designer, specializing in creating strong, memorable, visual identities. Concentrating on this niche of the design discipline has allowed him to develop a unique skill set and focus.

Chris is a traditionally educated designer, with freelancing experience spanning over twelve years. Time after design graduation was spent in ad agencies’ creative departments. Chris has worked in the City Of Vancouver’s Business Planning and Services Department for over a decade with exposure to countless organizations and projects in a wide variety of industries.

The business of identity design as the visual component of branding is a natural fit for Chris as it helps feed his insatiable curiosity. Creativity and design meets commerce for Chris is a marriage made in heaven.

In the process of creating a new identity, Chris gets a behind the scenes look at how an organization operates and learns about new industries. It is this curiosity and fervour for a client’s cause that allows him to get to the heart of, and help, clarify the client’s design strategy.


I’m fascinated with all the moving parts that make up an organization and the intricacies of each individual industry. Identity design and branding requires a great deal of research, questions and fact finding before a single pencil stroke hits the sketchbook. Outside of the design component, learning new industries, helping individual businesses find new ways to approach these industries and their customers is one of my favourite parts of the job


Chris is dedicated to ensure that you have an identity that:

  • Has a customer first approach, appeals and is directed at your target market
  • Focuses on clarity and communication through design, not flashy design trends that will look dated in five years
  • Has sound supportive backing of research and solid design principles. Every visual decision will have a purpose that can be explained.