A typeface where all the letterforms are the exact same surface area?

The other night a friend and I were discussing letterforms, counters and line weights. The discussion led to wondering what a typeface would look like where all the letterforms were designed to have exactly the same surface area.

I did a quick search and it looks as though two mathematicians over at MIT answered our question via a post on Gizmodo two weeks ago!

It looks like this:

surface area font


Image by Erik Demaine and Mark Demain, titled “Science/Art.”


You did not expect it to be remotely attractive now did you?

“All the above letters and numbers share the same surface area and can be cut into 128 hinged isosceles triangles (pictured on the right). Using hinged dissection means any of these glyphs could take the shape of any other or simply form a 4×4 square”

Well now I never have to wonder again, and neither will you. It does get you thinking about the individual glyphs in a different way though doesn’t it?


Photo courtesy Creative Commons.org | “Reconstruction of square US standard road sign lettering ” | Eric Fisher | Changes: Filter/Crop

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