8 Faces Magazine…how have I missed you?

Apparently, I have been living under a rock.  How has this wonderful bi-annual publication escaped my radar until recently? 8 Faces is pure, unadulterated typophile heaven. The premise is simple, eight prominent type designers and type centric graphic designers are interviewed and reveal their eight favourite typefaces.

Art directors, Elliot Jay Stocks & Jamie Clarke paint a wonderful canvas upon which the story unfolds. The layouts and art direction are top notch, the right mix of cohesion and liveliness.

I received my first issue which includes interviews with the likes of Michael Beirut and Hannes von Döhren (creator of Brandon Grotesque). I must admit, when that mag was in my mitts, I immediately raced to each section where the designer ranked their “top 8”. It was as though I was ripping a small corner of a gift’s wrap the night before Christmas.



Screenshot 2014-11-26 20.45.53
8 Faces Magazine|Issue#7 | Spread



In addition to the interviews, there are poignant articles on type. In the issue I ordered, Type Kit’s Bram Stein wrote a great article on the murky territory that is “Justification and Hyphenation on the web”.


Aaaand as luck would have it…I just checked and it appears their website is “in transition” *I cursed A LOT under my breath*. It would appear there is currently no way to order back issues, not even the digital versions?

Well I am going to post this anyhow. As a peace offering for getting your hopes up…HEY! Jamie Clark has posted The 25 most admired typefaces by typographers, type designers and letterers. This is distilled from his eight issue, 64 designer interviews.

-Chris Sagert

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