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Chris Sagert

A Vancouver based graphic designer. Specializing in creating strong, memorable visual identities.

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Digging out of the mud -Chris Sagert .com

Creative Block, Digging Out Of The Mud (a tip and an app)

I recently watched an interview with Sean Adams, he was riffing about where good ideas come from and some techniques for inspiration . He gave a great tip to help fight creative block when you’re hard pressed to come up with some good ideas for client work. His tip was:   “think of the absolute…

8 faces - Chris Sagert .com

8 Faces Magazine…how have I missed you?

Apparently, I have been living under a rock.  How has this wonderful bi-annual publication escaped my radar until recently? 8 Faces is pure, unadulterated typophile heaven. The premise is simple, eight prominent type designers and type centric graphic designers are interviewed and reveal their eight favourite typefaces. Art directors, Elliot Jay Stocks & Jamie Clarke paint…

"Good Typography" - Chris Sagert

“Good Typography” The study Microsoft funded so MIT could state the obvious.

Frankly, it would be an easy target to make fun of this, as I had originally intended. Yeah it seems ridiculous, however, if a large corporation wants to spend a whack of cash to figure out customers respond favourably to well executed typography, hell, I am on board! As per my title “good typography” here’s…